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When I started as Marketing Director of US Sailing I was hungry to create visual content that would take advantage of a an exceptionally photogenic sport. I got a call from Dan's agent (a guy with an agent!). Soon thereafter, I met famous skier Dan Egan in the lobby of a Westin Hotel outside Boston.


After a few minutes of chit chat, he didn't just blow snow. Dan pulled his laptop out and showed me the slickly produced five-minute skiing video podcasts he was creating with a former MTV VJ as the onscreen talent. MTV! Long story short, six weeks later we introduced US Sailing's Video Podcast hosted by Amy Quigley. Dan and I have been collaborating ever since. More importantly, Dan and I have been friends ever since.

Dan is a pioneer in the world of extreme sports. He appeared in 14 Warren Miller films between 1985 and 1995. In 2001 Powder Magazine named him one of the most influential skiers of our time and he was inducted into the U.S. Skiing and Snowboarding Hall of Fame in 2016.

dan (2).png

He became an award-winning film and television producer in his own right. His television series "Wild World of Winter" ran from 1995 until 2011. It was a great show and animated by Dan's special energy.


Dan is an author and his memoir is coming out soon - check out Thirty Years In A White Haze. As a journalist, he has covered three Olympics and is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe. His "Edging to the Extreme" radio show is featured on radio


Dan is a thinker and a do-er. I'm so grateful that he is a part of the team.

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