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On our second date, I picked Kate up from her East Side Providence apartment on a crisp, clear February evening. We headed for Newport where we had a dinner reservation at the The Castle Hill Inn. I'm a pretty good listener anyway but, given the circumstance, I was the Michael Jordan of listening that night.


So much so, that I took a pre-Waze wrong turn and ended up going the longer way. When Kate first got in the car that night I knew she was gorgeous, could care less about the spotlight and came from a loving family.


By the time we got to Castle Hill I knew what occupational therapists did and how they served a range of clients from preschoolers to geriatrics. I knew something about sensory processing and tactile defensiveness. I knew about the brain injuries Kate saw at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and a little bit about her graduate school courses. All of this information was delivered in perfectly formed paragraphs. Her ease with language and logical flow blew me away. Taking that wrong turn 18 years ago completely changed my life.


Kate is proud to be a mom to our boys Henry (16) and Owen (12). She's exceptionally good at this. She is also a gifted and passionate OT in the Middleboro Public School system. She is devoted to the kids and her hard-working colleagues.


She'll never tell you about her 19-1 squash season in college, her green thumb, baby-whisperer vibe or her mechanically-inclined brain. 20 page IKEA instructions - get a beer, she'll walk you through it. She's the Mozart of shelving and furniture re-arranging. She's been the best partner in crime imaginable and she is, so very naturally, the soul of this new machine called The Cooney Company.


As a bonus, she's doing the invoicing so I'm confident we will have timely payments from our brainy, productive and stylish clients.


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