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Yegor Anchyshkin, Co-Founder & CEO, Instock

"Every founding team wants to tell their story well, but sometimes it is hard to step outside your own domain expertise to see how others  perceive and understand the problem you are solving. PitchRater is a great tool to get an external look and it helped us a lot in our early-round pitch preparation."

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Tim Cargol, Founder & CEO, Spectrohm

"We get a lot of pitch advice – tell a story, define the problem, why you? What gets missed is the importance of how the pitch actually hits the eyes and ears of potential investors. PitchRater helped us see (moment by moment) what was working and what needed work. I highly recommend PitchRater to entrepreneurs who are in fundraising mode."

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Scott Miller, CEO, Dragon Innovation

"Over the course of my career as an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and member of a Venture Capital Firm, I've had the opportunity to give and receive many high stakes pitches. As a presenter, there is often the feeling of flying blind while you prepare for a pitch, only to find out in the actual presentation whether you hit or missed the mark. This lack of feedback creates significant anxiety and can lead to missed opportunities, as once you lose your audience, it's nearly impossible to get them back.

On the receiving side of pitches, it's a painful experience to realize 5 minutes into a 60 minute meeting that the presenter has totally missed the mark and you're going to have to slog through another 55 minutes.


PitchRater helps solve these problems for both the pitcher and the audience. Getting moment by moment feedback on where you connect to the audience and where you lose them is invaluable feedback to tune the message ahead of the actual meeting so you can present with confidence that you've got a winning pitch and will hit the mark and engage the audience."

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