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Was Poor Communication Behind the NFL's Recent Officiating Debacle?

Is the NFL (the $18 billion business) being unnecessarily roughed up by poor referee communication?

Check out this article in the Boston Globe which outlines how poor communication may have led to the clunky officiating operation you saw on Sunday.

Can you imagine an F1 pit crew coming together for the first time in Monaco and being expected to perform at an elite level? That same standard of intricate teamwork is expected from an NFL Conference Championship officiating crew.

It's one thing to excel as an individual contributor but it's a whole other thing to thrive as a team. Highly functioning teams require great communication and understanding.

A recent poll from Harris showed that poor communication costs companies $12,500 per employee per year.

What kind of hit do you think the NFL took reputationally over the weekend? It wasn't pretty, that's for sure.

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