We had a challenging task – bringing together a rapidly growing marketing team to hash out 2022 Objectives and Key Results. We had to do that virtually with team members from San Francisco to London... Dan kept the trains running on time, established a collaborative energy right from the start and helped us meet our meeting objectives. We highly recommend Dan for meeting facilitation. – Barrett L. (Cloud Data Integration)

"I am part of a young leadership cohort and we take a lot of trainings. The course that Dan led was, by far, my favorite... He helped me understand how PowerPoint images are processed much faster than text and how metaphors help audiences remember your key points... Now when I sit down to start a presentation, I always remember that less (text) is more! Dan is the ultimate “deck doctor” – bad decks get better and good decks become great! I appreciate Dan’s enthusiastic and genuine approach towards his clients."

~Matt H. (Aerospace)

"Dan, it went great all around! It was also the most efficient meeting that I've MC'd all year. I think the formal introduction changed the mood of the meeting, just like you said it would. Wow, what a difference working with you has made in just a short time. Thank you very much!" 

~Warren L. (Commercial Real Estate)

"Dan’s professional background in sales, development and marketing was invaluable as we worked together on the US SAILING Annual Fund. Dan is a visionary and strategic thinker who can bring tremendous ideas that deliver results! With strong communication skills, integrity, passion and commitment, I highly recommend Dan and would value the opportunity to work with him again." 

~Wendy M. (Marketing Agency)

"Dan was a consistent top producer for the east coast sales group. He was an outstanding presenter, listened well to customers and was a natural leader on our team. He navigated challenging selling environments and was able to close important accounts like Fidelity Investments, The World Bank and GE. Class act."

~Lee G. (Streaming Media)

"This was one of the best training experiences I have had in my twenty-year career. I truly believe that the experience was exceptional due to the outstanding leadership from Dan as a facilitator and a tremendous group of people that were humble, hard-working, and smart."

~Brett M. (Manufacturing)

"Dan did what Dan always does. He took a deep interest in my business and our needs, he asked lots of questions, and he listened closely to our answers. He met us exactly where we were in the growth of our business and was entirely grounded in delivering value to us. Dan is a rare breed. He is great at what he does, but more importantly, he makes you laugh and think every time you speak with him, and he is one of the most creative minds I know."

~Dean B. (Communications Consulting)