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Not to make you nervous, but...

When you pitch something, every move, word, and gesture is being scored and calculated instantly and intuitively by your audience...


As it turns out, human beings are NOT thinking machines that feel, we're FEELING machines that think.



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If you have a high-stakes presentation to make, you will either connect or not with your audience. Their intuitive emotional response will boil down to YES or NO

YES, as in, "Yes, I feel connected and engaged..."  or 

NO, as in, “No, you don’t have my attention. No, you haven’t convinced me..."

Trouble is, you usually don’t find out whether you’ve been a “Yes” or “No” until after your presentation has wrapped up. And by then, it’ may be too late.

Welcome to                               

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PitchRater is your moment by moment personal focus group for your high-stakes presentations...

PitchRater lets you upload a video of your pitch or presentation, which will then be viewed and evaluated by our panel of experts.

Our panelists will rate your pitch in the moment, using the same technology used by CNN focus groups during political speeches and debates.

We'll show you the "YES" moments of connection...

and the "NO" moments where there's opportunity to improve.

You will receive actionable real-time data on your audience's intuitive, emotional reaction to your pitch, so you'll see what’s working in your pitch and what’s not working… (yet!)

The result? A pitch that connects. A pitch that wins.

Want to have your pitch rated? Click the link below to Connect with us!

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