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Metaphors Make Your Pitches Sing!

Metaphors are powerful allies in helping you make your pitch points more universal, accessible, and easy to understand.

Consider the tagline: “Red Bull Gives You Wings,” which evokes an image of easily flying across long distances or effortlessly completing difficult challenges. Red Bull is promoting its performance-enhancing qualities with this evocative phrase. It connects viscerally to the college student pulling an all-nighter or long-haul trucker. We all need “wings” from time to time.

Like the Tiffany’s little blue box, a metaphor can deliver a lot of meaning in a small package and help make it memorable for your audience.

The point of pitching is to stand out from the crowd.

You can design metaphors to penetrate the surface of your audience’s conscious mind and help connect your idea to their goals. Red Bull’s tagline (and value proposition) connects to students and truck drivers.

The only pitch that wins is one that resonates with your audience in a memorable way and metaphors are a powerful arrow in your memorability quiver.

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